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    Race in America – An Introductory Reading List

    The events of this past weekend in Charlottesville are impossible to ignore. Where we stand here at The Attic is and should be crystal clear. Where everyone stands ought to be so because there is only one place to stand. There are not and have never been “many sides” to the issue. Either you stand against white supremacy or you accept it*… and if you accept it, well… you should know where that puts you.**

    While we firmly stand against white supremacists at The Attic (read Political Editor Lauren Olmeda’s article here), we still need to face the fact that many of us are white, have grown up in predominantly-white countries (four of us in the US itself), and have consequently culturally been rather white-washed. No matter how vigilant we may think we are, we still end up consuming predominantly white media.

    I want to learn about race in America and introduce diversity to my bookshelf. Where do I start?

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