An #AutumnAtTheAttic Roundup

An #AutumnAtTheAttic Roundup

As our Lifestyle Editor, Lee Clark said back in October, autumn is our season here at The Attic on Eighth. We’d be sad to see it unofficially go now that most of the leaves have fallen to the ground, but December brings such seasonal joy with it that all we can do is look back at autumn with much fondness and go forth towards the end of the year with much cheer.

Here, on this first weekend of December, are a few of the most memorable #AutumnAtTheAttic shots from the past few months.

Which witch is witch? Olivia Lindem and Rory Marangi stepping into autumn, back in October, in what seem to have become the official shoes of the Attic ladies. (We’ve had many questions about the loafers and you can find them here.)


Early autumn in Dublin with Lauren Olmeda


Russell Square
Autumn in Russell Square with Eliza Campbell. (Look back at her Ode to Autumn.)


A Savannah doorstep, captured by Raquel Reyes.


Thanksgiving Weekend in Washington, D.C. with Lee Clark.


Autumn in Geneva, Switzerland, taken by Olivia Lindem.




Bouquet of Pencils
What, after all, is autumn without a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils?


A walk through Cologny, Switzerland with Rory Marangi.


A selection of gourds, decorative and edible, taken by Raquel Reyes.


Along the Thames with Eliza Campbell and Shakespeare’s Globe.


Michigan Fog, as captured by Lauren Olmeda.

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