Amy Richardson

Amy Richardson

Feminism & Women’s Issues Editor

Amy Richardson was born and raised in small village in rural Warwickshire, the sort of place where everyone knows everyone else and there’s no such thing as a secret. After a childhood spent either with her nose in a book or prancing about in a dance studio, she decided to flee the countryside for life somewhere with a little bit more excitement. Having spent three years reading for an English degree at Royal Holloway, University of London, she returned home with an even deeper love of literature and a new appreciation for the idyllic landscape she grew up in.

After a brief stint as a customer service assistant (never again!), she tried her hand at SEO copywriting before feeling the lure of academia once more. This time she went up north to the University of York, where she spent a happy but hard year earning an MA in Medieval Studies. Amy specialises in feminist readings of medieval texts, highlighting female narratives and attempting to interpret what they may have meant to the women who owned and read them. She also likes anything to do with witches. 

Amy is currently a conservation and collections intern and is enjoying life working in a grand country house. Although she still has no idea what she wants to do with her life, she’s getting there slowly. At the moment, pretty much all she’s got is dragons.

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